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Here you can find last month's closed transactions in Randolph Twp and Shongum Lake. You’ll be able to see the Street Address, the list price (List $), the sold price (Sale $) as well as the beds, baths, garage, basement, year built, days on market (DOM) and the date closed. Please note that List Price and Days on Market are reflective of the listing contract in place at time of sale and do not consider any previous listing agreements.

*Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Not all sales made by Missy Iemmello or Remax.

Shongum Lake Closed Real Estate Transactions November 2014*
ADDRESS Shongum Lake STYLE Bds Bth G Bs YB List $ Sale $ DOM Date
8 RED BARN LAKE LN SHONGUM SPLIT LEVEL 4 2.1 2 YES 1978 $589,900 $565,000 57 11/14/14
Randolph Twp Closed Real Estate Transactions November 2014*
ADDRESS TOWN STYLE Bds Bth G Bs YB List $ Sale $ DOM Date
18 ASHWOOD AVE RANDOLPH TWP SPLIT LEVEL 3 2.1 2 YES 1960 $389,000 $389,000 8 11/25/14
31 SANFORD DRIVE RANDOLPH TWP SPLIT LEVEL 3 1.1 2 YES 1958 $337,500 $294,000 130 11/24/14
68 OLD BROOKSIDE RD RANDOLPH TWP RANCH 2 1 1 YES 1950 $165,900 $152,000 125 11/21/14
24 FORDICE STREET RANDOLPH TWP CAPE COD 1 1 1 YES 1945 $198,500 $170,000 116 11/21/14
3 LAUREL HILL DR RANDOLPH TWP COLONIAL 4 2.1 2 YES 1981 $568,000 $545,000 89 11/21/14
10 HERITAGE CT RANDOLPH TWP COLONIAL 5 3 2 YES 1996 $639,000 $620,000 29 11/20/14
23 MORRIS TPKE RANDOLPH TWP CUSTOM 4 2 2 YES 1964 $364,900 $360,000 111 11/14/14
1134 SUSSEX TPKE RANDOLPH TWP BILEVEL 4 2.1 2 NO 1975 $369,000 $355,000 107 11/14/14
3 WALNUT STREET RANDOLPH TWP SPLIT LEVEL 3 2.1 1 YES 1977 $369,900 $371,900 157 11/14/14
13 PRINCE HENRY DR RANDOLPH TWP COLONIAL 4 3.1 2 YES 1987 $550,000 $550,000 69 11/12/14
12 STARLING RD RANDOLPH TWP COLONIAL 4 2.1 2 YES 1972 $399,000 $400,000 6 11/11/14
108 PLEASANT HILL RD RANDOLPH TWP COLONIAL 4 2.1 2 YES 1971 $429,000 $420,000 102 11/7/14
73 FORDS ROAD RANDOLPH TWP COLONIAL 4 3.1 0 YES 1900 $459,000 $455,000 14 11/6/14
167 MORRIS TPK RANDOLPH TWP COLONIAL 5 4.1 2 YES 1965 $589,999 $575,000 108 11/6/14
15 RIDGEWOOD DRIVE RANDOLPH TWP TOWNHOME 2 2.1 2 YES 1995 $385,000 $380,000 42 9/30/14
9 MISTY MOUNTAIN ROAD RANDOLPH TWP COLONIAL 5 2.1 2 YES 1966 $465,800 $459,000 14 9/30/14
20 WINCHESTER TERRACE RANDOLPH TWP COLONIAL 4 2.1 2 YES 1991 $625,000 $615,000 79 9/23/14
6 BLUEBIRD COURT RANDOLPH TWP COLONIAL 4 3 3.1 YES 2003 $798,800 $790,000 119 9/23/14
57 RIDGEWOOD DRIVE RANDOLPH TWP TOWNHOME 3 2.2 2 YES 1994 $439,900 $424,000 3 9/19/14
99 PLEASANT HILL ROAD RANDOLPH TWP BILEVEL 4 2.1 2 YES 9999 $480,000 $459,900 39 9/18/14
43 ZELIFF PLACE RANDOLPH TWP COLONIAL 4 3 2 YES 1945 $255,000 $180,000 30 9/16/14
37 MEADOWBROOK ROAD RANDOLPH TWP COLONIAL 4 2.1 2 YES 1973 $629,900 $630,000 22 9/16/14
30 SHONGUM ROAD RANDOLPH TWP BILEVEL 5 2.1 2 NO 1964 $324,900 $205,000 98 9/5/14
21 MARAJALEEN DRIVE RANDOLPH TWP COLONIAL 4 2.1 2 YES 1996 $629,900 $610,000 94 9/5/14
14 ORCHARD DRIVE RANDOLPH TWP COLONIAL 4 3 3 YES 1987 $750,000 $726,750 30 9/5/14
17 LAWRENCE ROAD RANDOLPH TWP RANCH 3 2.1 2 YES 1967 $410,000 $397,000 49 9/3/14
22 CROMWELL DRIVE RANDOLPH TWP COLONIAL 5 3 2 YES 1987 $630,000 $630,000 157 9/3/14
11 RED OAK LANE RANDOLPH TWP COLONIAL 5 4.1 3 YES 2005 $975,000 $990,000 17 9/3/14
26 LAKE DRIVE RANDOLPH TWP CUSTOM 4 1.1 2 NO 1960 $425,000 $417,500 43 9/2/14
26 RED BARN LANE RANDOLPH TWP SPLIT LEVEL 5 2.1 2 YES 1979 $500,000 $495,000 14 9/2/14
3 LEXINGTON CT RANDOLPH TWP COLONIAL 4 4.1 3 YES 1997 $1,099,000 $1,038,000 68 9/2/01

remax-logoLeaving Denver, Colorado this afternoon after an awesome week of Broker training in RE/MAX Corporate Headquaters. Education that has impacted my career.  Met amazing new people and now friends forever from all over the world, Australia and Germany as well as all over the United States. RE/MAX is in 97 countries, pretty powerful, so fortunate to be with the best real estate company in the WORLD!

101250447_1Large 4 bedroom 2-1/2 bath Colonial in a prime Chatham location. Updated kitchen with Stainless Steel appliances and Granite countertops. Come home to this large 4 bedroom 2-1/2 bath Colonial in a prime Chatham location. Large level lot on cul-de-sac, bordered on two sides by Morris County park land. Updated kitchen with Stainless Steel appliances and Granite countertops. Large, sunny rooms. Hardwood floors throughout refinished in 2011. New roof 2012, driveway repaved 2013.




This lovely center hall colonial sold within two weeks of hitting the market. I had the home professionally staged and it received almost full price at $475,000. Call me today to find out how to get your home sold at your price!


REASONS NOT TO WAIT UNTIL SPRING TO SELL:Waiting until Spring might not be the best option if you are thinking about selling. Here are some facts to consider:

  • This time of year historically has the least number of new listings which means less competition. Because there are more homes for sale in Spring, buyers may be less likely to see your home at that time.
  • There are plenty of buyers right now that can’t seem to find their dream home. Yours might be it! Don’t wait for your competition to attract those buyers before you do.
  • By selling now, you may have an opportunity to be a non-contingent buyer during the Spring rush! This will allow you to sell now in a less competitive market and potentially negotiate lower on the buy when there is more inventory.


  • Bad WeatherBuyers who brave the cold are generally serious. Many buyers we are working with at RE/MAX Properties Unlimited have been house hunting for a while and are ready (and needing) to find a home. Plus, Winter is a great time to attract buyer’s agents ­ with less inventory, those agents have the time to personally preview every new listing so you’ll get more eyes on your property now.
  • My Yard Isn’t in BloomNo worries. As your Realtors, it’s our job to position the potential of your home to buyers. We have many strategies and tricks to stage your yard even if it’s not in bloom. If the home is right for the buyer, they will see the potential and this factor will not prevent them from moving forward.
  • We Want to Wait Until School is Out. Our advice…don’t wait! We can look at negotiating delayed closings or extended occupancy so you can maintain your comfort until you are ready to move. Many buyers are ok with waiting if the house is right for them.



This lovely town was in show condition and it was a pleasure working with buyer who knew what they wanted. Enjoy Thanksgiving in your new home!


When Perry Como sang, “There’s no place like home for the holidays,” he didn’t have a For Sale sign in the yard. Juggling last-minute showings and family get-togethers can leave you wanting to catch the next sleigh ride out of town.But selling your home between Thanksgiving and New Year’s doesn’t have to spell disaster. You have two market traditions in your favor: motivated buyers and less competition. These tips will have you jingle-bell rocking all the way to the closing table.

Deck the Halls (But Not Too Much)

There’s no reason to box up your Christmas spirit this year. Just keep decorations simple and remove as much clutter as you can to make space for the buyer.Bobbie M., a home stager in Raleigh, NC, advises home sellers to focus on the holiday trimmings that mean the most to your family, whether it’s a decorated tree, staircase or mantle. “Showcasing the square footage of your home is an asset,” Bobbie says. “If bringing in a tree, remove the extra chair from the room so the space doesn’t feel crowded during the actual tour of the home.”

Here’s a pointer from Jordan D., a real estate agent in Fort Worth, TX: “Make sure you shoot pictures prior to decorating,” Jordan suggests. “Nothing says ‘We’ve been on the market forever’ like pictures with a Christmas tree and now it’s March!”Facebook fan Karen A. offered another wise word of advice: “Take everything down ASAP.” She learned her lesson the hard way when a buyer noticed exterior holiday lights up a couple of days after Christmas and saw it as a sure sign the homeowners must not take care of the inside either.

Crank Up the Cozy

Nothing stirs up nostalgia quite like the holiday season. And, folks, nostalgia sells! Just ask DaLana K. of Pompano Beach, FL. “I actually sold my house because they loved how welcoming it was when they walked through,” she says.Here are a few tricks Dave’s fans used to set the buying mood:

  • Build a roaring fire in your hearth.
  • Spring for a live Christmas tree.
  • Prepare fresh-baked goods, mulled cider or hot cocoa.
  • Play soft Christmas music in the background.

Susan M. waited until a couple of weeks before Christmas to bust out her holiday cheer because she figured no one would be house hunting at that time. One day, as her family decorated gingerbread houses—mess and all—her real estate agent called to schedule a last-minute showing.“I told her that there was no way I was interrupting this family time, cleaning all this up and leaving the house,” Susan recalls. The showing went on while Susan’s family continued their fresh-baked creations. Those holiday browsers became buyers. “We still live in the same town, and I run into the owners who tell me they bought it because it felt so homey.”

Make a List (and Check It Twice)

If you feel overwhelmed by all the things that have to get done each day, why not take a few cues from Santa? That’s how Crystal B. of Frisco, TX, plans to get through this holiday season.“I created a checklist to walk through my house every morning,” Crystal says. “[It] takes about 30 minutes, and I have become a little intense about everyone putting their stuff away as soon as they are done with it.”Keep your home neat as a pin by tackling these simple tasks each day:

  • Make up beds
  • Wipe down surfaces
  • Pick up clutter
  • Clear out the sink
  • Vacuum or sweep floors

Get the Whole Family Involved

There’s an upside to having hordes of family around when your home’s on the market. You have lots of extra hands to help!Growing up, Jenna M. remembers helping out when her childhood home was for sale during the holidays. “We all pitched in so the task of having it ready to show wasn’t as daunting as it could have been,” Jenna says.As Aunt Jo and Uncle Ernie arrive for the big feast, be honest about your selling situation and ask for help tidying up before everyone goes on their merry way. They may be guests, but they’re still family! Don’t be afraid to assign specific tasks to get the job done.Barbara C. hosted family gatherings but had one rule: “Everything you brought had to be consumed during the get-together,” she says. So go ahead and give partygoers the perfect excuse for indulging in that extra slice of pumpkin pie!

Partner With a Pro to Minimize Stress

Maintaining a show-ready home during the holidays isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to keep you from enjoying the family traditions you love best. Find balance by leaning on an experienced real estate agent who knows the joys of selling a home this time of year and won’t leave you lingering on the market.


Congragulations to Ralph & Anne on this lovely home. It was a long road getting the right house to make a home for your family for years to come, but it sure was worth it. Longest closing ever! Best of health and happiness for years to come.

Saturday, November 15

Holiday Pet Photos; Morris Animal Inn; 10:00 a.m.

Lenape Family Day; Morris Museum; 11:00 a.m.

Fall Maintenance Day for Morristown American Baseball; Ginty Field; 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon

America Recycles Day; The Woman’s Club of Morristown; 12:00 noon – 5:00 p.m.

International Games Day; Morristown & Morris Township Library; 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

The Dog Show; The Art of Our Canine Companion; Morris Museum; museum hours

Pop Culture: Paper is the Medium; Morris Museum; museum hours

Hometown Teams: How Sports Shape America; Morris Museum; museum hours

NJ 350 Exhibit at the Morris Plains Museum; Morris Plains Museum; 10:00 a.m.

Family Photo Scavenger Hunt; Frelinghuysen Arboretum;

Roller Derby; Jerzy Brigade; Inline Morristown; 6:15 p.m.

Ron White; Mayo Performing Arts Center; 7:00 p.m. & 9:30 p.m.

Live Music; Okra Win Free; Famished Frog; 8:00 p.m.

Fight Night with UFC 180 Live; Iron Bar;

Sunday, November 16

Thanksgiving Harvest Home & Armistice; Fosterfields; 12:00 p.m.

Batman & Batgirl visit Morristown Pancake House; Morristown Pancake House; 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Owning New Jersey; Morristown & Morris Township Library; 2:00 p.m.

Family Photo Scavenger Hunt; Frelinghuysen Arboretum; 9:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Morristown Farmers Market; Morristown Parking Authority Lot #10;

The Civil War through the Eyes of Thomas Nast; Macculloch Hall; 1:00 p.m.

The Notables in Concert;  Morris Museum; 3:00 p.m.

Finished Brokers License class today and now I am waiting for the date for my state exam. Come down and say hello at my new office, RE/MAX Properties Unlimited, 1 Madison Avenue, Morristown .



Have a spooktacular

FUN and safe Halloween!

The Shongum Lake is a private lake community which offers a resort like community right in your own backyard. Families who live near the lake and whom are members of the lake walk to the lake in the summer for family outings, ice-skate on the lake during the winter, and jog around the picturesque neighborhood in the fall and spring. Friday nights in the summer are Happy Hour where families and friends gather to enjoy the lake, weather, and each other’s company. Parties at the Lake House are always a big hit and parties for Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day are huge community events that are truly fun for the whole family

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