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Here you can find last month's closed transactions in Randolph Twp and Shongum Lake. You’ll be able to see the Street Address, the list price (List $), the sold price (Sale $) as well as the beds, baths, garage, basement, year built, days on market (DOM) and the date closed. Please note that List Price and Days on Market are reflective of the listing contract in place at time of sale and do not consider any previous listing agreements.

*Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Not all sales made by Missy Iemmello or Remax.

Shongum Lake Closed Real Estate Transactions June 2015*
ADDRESS Shongum Lake STYLE Bds Bth G Bs YB List $ Sale $ DOM Date
8 RICKLAND DRIVE SHONGUM LAKE SPLIT LEVEL 5 2.1 2 YES 1975 $599,900 $575,000 40 6/30/15
4 FOX RUN SHONGUM LAKE COLONIAL 5 4.2 3 YES 1992 $1,050,000 $1,050,000 30 6/29/15
8 MEADOWBROOK RD SHONGUM LAKE COLONIAL 5 2.1 2 YES 1967 $624,900 $624,000 26 6/26/15
45 FORREST ROAD SHONGUM LAKE COLONIAL 4 2.1 2 YES 1978 $598,000 $598,000 4 6/19/15
3 BEAVER DAM ROAD SHONGUM LAKE BILEVEL 4 3 2 NO 1967 $530,000 $481,000 150 6/3/15
Randolph Twp Closed Real Estate Transactions June 2015*
ADDRESS TOWN STYLE Bds Bth G Bs YB List $ Sale $ DOM Date
9 DAVID DRIVE RANDOLPH TWP COLONIAL 4 2.1 2 YES 1994 $499900 $495000 15 6/30/15
7 PEPPERMILL COURT RANDOLPH TWP COLONIAL 4 2.1 2 YES 1983 $609,900 $600,000 14 6/30/15
21 NINA PLACE RANDOLPH TWP COLONIAL 4 2.1 2 YES 1983 $685,000 $650,000 14 6/30/15
7 MORGAN COURT RANDOLPH TWP COLONIAL 5 4 2 YES 2000 $685000 $675000 14 6/30/15
88 ARROWGATE DRIVE RANDOLPH TWP TOWNHOME 3 2.1 2 YES 2000 $399,000 $404,000 28 6/29/15
307 MILLBROOK AVE RANDOLPH TWP RANCH 2 1 1 YES 1960 $279,000 $267,000 33 6/26/15
20 CHESTNUT HILL RD RANDOLPH TWP BILEVEL 4 2.1 2 NO 1974 $495,900 $478,500 8 6/26/15
15 KNIGHTS BRIDGE DR RANDOLPH TWP COLONIAL 4 2.1 2 YES 1991 $699000 $670000 176 6/26/15
20 MISTY MOUNTAIN RD RANDOLPH TWP RANCH 3 3 2 YES 1967 $459,000 $475,500 16 6/25/15
25 RADTKE ROAD RANDOLPH TWP BILEVEL 4 2 1 NO 1962 $439,900 $434,000 11 6/24/15
10 MAIN STREET RANDOLPH TWP RANCH 3 1 1 YES 1955 $304,900 $310,000 31 6/23/15
15 WINCHESTER TERR RANDOLPH TWP COLONIAL 4 2.1 2 YES 1992 $649900 $660000 4 6/23/15
33 SWEETWOOD RANDOLPH TWP COLONIAL 5 2.1 3 YES 2000 $749,900 $749900 2 6/23/15
14 QUAIL RUN RANDOLPH TWP COLONIAL 4 2.1 3 YES 1999 $854,900 $854,900 20 6/22/15
14 SHADOWBROOK WAY RANDOLPH TWP COLONIAL 4 4.1 3 YES 2000 $1050000 $947000 183 6/22/15
26 BIRCHWOOD ROAD RANDOLPH TWP COLONIAL 3 2.1 0 YES 1950 $399,900 $385,000 53 6/19/15
164 W HANOVER AVE RANDOLPH TWP COLONIAL 4 2.1 2 YES 1978 $399,900 $395,000 10 6/19/15
7 BUCKINGHAM COURT RANDOLPH TWP TOWNHOME 3 2.1 1 YES 1995 $415,000 $415,000 4 6/19/15
7 SHADOWBROOK WAY RANDOLPH TWP COLONIAL 4 3.1 2 YES 2002 $819900 $770155 25 6/19/15
3 MATTHEW COURT RANDOLPH TWP COLONIAL 4 2.1 2 YES 2004 $629,000 $612,500 142 6/18/15
1 BIRCH STREET RANDOLPH TWP RANCH 3 1.1 0 YES 1950 $319,900 $305,000 106 6/17/15
38 ROSE WAY RANDOLPH TWP BILEVEL 5 3 2 NO 1973 $389,000 $395,000 11 6/16/15
81 EVERDALE ROAD RANDOLPH TWP RANCH 4 3 2 YES 1969 $448,990 $437,500 37 6/16/15
8 TULIP LANE RANDOLPH TWP COLONIAL 5 2.1 2 YES 1981 $639000 $635000 28 6/16/15
139 HIGH STREET RANDOLPH TWP CAPE COD 2 1 1 YES 1942 $287,000 $270,000 14 6/12/15
5 CARRIAGE COURT RANDOLPH TWP BILEVEL 4 2.1 2 NO 1973 $475,000 $462,500 20 6/12/15
30 HERITAGE COURT RANDOLPH TWP COLONIAL 4 3 2 YES 1994 $709,000 $685,000 28 6/12/15
79 LAWRENCE ROAD RANDOLPH TWP COLONIAL 4 2.1 2 YES 1978 $479,999 $465,000 79 6/11/15
20 VALLEY ROAD RANDOLPH TWP RANCH 4 2.1 2 NO 1970 $409,000 $405,000 56 6/9/15
3 ELODIE LANE RANDOLPH TWP COLONIAL 4 2.1 2 YES 1989 $595,000 $580,000 13 6/8/15
15 EDGEWOOD TERRACE RANDOLPH TWP COLONIAL 4 4.1 3 YES 2002 $915,000 $890,000 95 6/8/15
107 ARROWGATE DRIVE RANDOLPH TWP TOWNHOME 3 2.1 2 YES 2000 $378,000 $371,000 32 6/5/15
113 WOODMONT DR RANDOLPH TWP TOWNHOME 3 3.1 2 YES 1994 $399,000 $394,500 133 6/5/15
84 FERNIA DRIVE RANDOLPH TWP COLONIAL 4 2.1 2 YES 1989 $579,000 $586,000 14 6/1/15
23 RIPPLING BROOK RANDOLPH TWP COLONIAL 5 4 2 YES 1993 $725000 $730000 4 6/1/15


Front Door of a Home

Front Door of a Home

At least 88 percent of homebuyers begin the process online, looking at pictures on the listing site. Good photos and real curb appeal help entice buyers to check out your house in person. You want to make a great first impression, so don’t feel scared to make a statement — you want buyers to fall in love with your house. The fixes below are minor and budget friendly enhancements that can be done in a day to help make your house more inviting and appealing, and help get potential buyers to schedule a showing!
The entry is a huge focal point for potential buyers, especially when it’s one of the first things they see. Create appeal by cleaning the front door — wipe it down, remove dirt, update the color with some paint. The front door should play off a home’s interior: add a kick plate, swag or a seasonal wreath to reflect the interior style of the house.
It is known that humans find symmetry beautiful – symmetry is attractive to the human eye, especially in nature. Symmetry is also appreciated in the design world for its familiarity, balance and it works with every style. Using symmetry to entice potential buyers is a quick and cost-friendly tool to the home seller: compose light fixtures, plants and front-door accents based on symmetry to create welcoming and inviting entryways and boost the house’s curb appeal.
If you have a mailbox, it can be a great way to accent your house and add a little touch of personality. If you’re going to replace the box, pick one that mimics the style and trim of the house. You also have the option of dressing up a mail box by painting the post to match the house’s exterior color, or you can surround it with flowers or other plants.
A quick, easy, and budget friendly way of adding appeal to the outside of your house is to add outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting adds a little something extra, and it can also provide safety and security. Homeowners have many options for lighting, from wired to solar, and lights can be purchased at many retailers and hardware stores. Install landscape lighting along paths and trees.
Pets, animals, weather and other events at your house can take a toll on your yard’s grass, and most buyers will notice a lawn that looks like it’s on its last leg. Cut out any dead spots and replace with sod, or, if you have time, replant with seed. If you live in a non-drought area, turn on the sprinklers: a lawn needs at least 1″ to 1 ½” of water per week and should be watered deeply 2-3 times per week.
Window boxes can be a really budget friendly way to liven up the outside of a house. They help play up windows, and they can add a pop of color by way of plants or flowers. For a traditional look, choose boxes made of copper or iron, and pick painted wood for more of a cottage feel. Use a window box to play with flowers that will suit the lighting in the yard and the color scheme of the outside.
Poorly maintained planters and flower beds can be a big letdown to potential buyers – especially when many view poor upkeep as an indication of what a house may look like inside. Be sure to prune overgrowth, pull weeds, plant extra flowers and add new mulch to restore life and color depleted by the sun and harsh weather. Adding a border around flower beds or along paths can be a great addition, and budget friendly. If your yard already has a border, clean and restore pieces that are worn or upgrade the stone altogether.
Another budget friendly fix you can do in less than a day is pressure washing any dirty siding, decks, patios, driveway or sidewalks. A pressure washer can be rented at any home improvement store for a small amount, and freshly washed pavement and siding can help make a home look revitalized. If you’re limited on outdoor space or have no yard, add some color by creating a container garden. These small gardens are easy to maintain and can easily be transported to your new residence once the sale is finalized. As a seller your top priority is getting the most out of your house — concentrating on small and easy fixes that are budget friendly can really help give your house that pop so many buyers look for.

27This beautifully kept home sold in one weekend! Located on a culdesac street in Shongum Lake, a great neighborhood setting, with all the special things this community has to offer.

2015-05-10 15.31.16Sold for $599,000

22 Chestnut Hill Road, RandolphThis home located in a great Shongum neighborhood was meticulously kept by its original owner. Congratulations Michele & Joe!

Sold at asking price of $425,000

73 Mills St, MorristownThis two family home was a great investment property or opportunity to live in one floor and receive rental income form other. Great  town location, walking distance to Whole Foods and much more!

Sold at asking for $324,000

7 Lynn Drive, Randolph
My clients were so happy to get this home after it had received multiple offers in the first weekend on the market. Located on a cul de sac with a gorgeous yard with a built in pool, they will have many years of happy memories to come.

Sold for $618,500

Going, going, gone! This stately & beautiful home on 7 acres with approx 4500 sq ft has sold at asking price of $789,900.

photo-20 SOLD!This lovely townhome located in Woodmont, conveniently located in walking distance to shopping and close to major highways and historical Morristown.


Hooray! Your home has officially sold and you’re about to receive a fat check for the exact price you put it on the market for…right? Unfortunately, sellers don’t typically pocket the price a buyer agrees to pay for their home. The closing costs that are factored in at the end of the transaction can really add up.

Check out the tips below to assist sellers in determining how much money will be left over once the transaction is complete.

Paying Your Agent

Typically, a real estate agents’ commission is 6% of the home’s selling price. Of that percentage, 3% will be given to the buyer’s agent and 3% will go to the seller’s agent—it’s a fair, 50-50 split. For example, if a house sold for $400,000, 6% of that would be $24,000 in commission with $12,000 going to each agent and then be split again with each agents’ broker.

 Seller Closing Costs

In addition to paying the agent, closing is also the time for sellers to pay off the loan on their home. Your loan payoff may be a little higher than the balance on your loan due to prorated interest and you might owe a prepayment penalty for paying it off before the end of the term.  If you have a home equity loan or line of credit, it will have to be paid in full at settlement as well.

Don’t forget about the attorney fees that can range from $1,000 to $1,500. These fees and the type of transaction should be discussed prior to hiring the attorney.

The state of New Jersey has a Realty Transfer Fee (RTF). This fee is based on the sale price of the home and is typically collected at closing by the title company to then be allocated throughout the counties in the state. The elderly, physically disabled and low to moderate-income households receive a discount on this fee.

It’s important for a seller to be prepared prior to settlement to pay or remediate for home inspection repairs ordered by the buyers.  It is also a good idea to have a pre home inspection so you know in advance any problems that may arise and can address them before your home hits the market.

If both parties cannot come to a mutual agreement on any major issues, then both parties may opt to cancel the sales contract if a mutually agreeable remedy to fix cannot be reached. A seller should also be prepared prior to settlement to pay for home inspection repairs ordered by the Buyers.

 Advice From The Professionals

RE/MAX Properties Unlimited Agent, Missy Iemmello recommends, “When listing your home for sale, consider purchasing a home warranty to offer prospective buyers. The low cost of the warranty, which is typically only paid at closing, can save you thousands of dollars during the home inspection repair negotiations. Also, if the seller is obtaining a certificate of occupancy they should submit an application with ample time to spare because some towns may limit the days they inspect a home and can be backed up, thus delaying closing which can sometimes be costly”. Randolph requires a Smoke Dectector & Carbon Monoxide Certificate of Occupancy which costs the seller $100 and is good for six months.

25 Radtke Road, Shongum Lake,2015-05-10 15.31.29Another Shongum Lake home sold to a great young couple starting their family in a community they can see themselves in for years!


SOLD in one week for $434,000

20 Chestnut Hill Road, RandolphI love the fact that kids who grew up in Randolph make their way back when they decide to purchase their first home in a community they view as a family neighborhood. Best of Luck!


SOLD in first weekend for $478,500!

The Shongum Lake is a private lake community which offers a resort like community right in your own backyard. Families who live near the lake and whom are members of the lake walk to the lake in the summer for family outings, ice-skate on the lake during the winter, and jog around the picturesque neighborhood in the fall and spring. Friday nights in the summer are Happy Hour where families and friends gather to enjoy the lake, weather, and each other’s company. Parties at the Lake House are always a big hit and parties for Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day are huge community events that are truly fun for the whole family

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